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Located in Upper Brickell, the hub of downtown Miami's financial and night life, AndĂș Restaurant & Lounge opened February 11th, 2008.

With luscious libations and cutting edge cuisine, the 4,600 square foot, 150-seat restaurant embodied that intangible South Beach hipness, sans attitude.

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The ambiance of Grass invokes dinner in paradise with cushy white banquettes, plush sofas, and a full bar illuminated by a wall of apothecary jars brimming with colorful flora. A carpet of thick grass borders the dining room; bonsai plants, bamboo trees and climbing vines cast lovely shadows on the walls. The innovative dinner menu perfectly complements the design, deftly uniting fresh American and Asian ingredients to create light yet satisfying contemporary dishes that virtually sing on the plate.

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A dominant fixture in the South Beach nightlife for 8 years, the 18,000 square foot Crobar Miami offered a unique mix of style and exclusivity.

For Telesco Associates, our design represented a modern incarnation of a genuine architectural art deco gem, stimulating the senses and exciting the imagination.

Thomas Telesco AIA was the Architect and builder of this legendary venue, in addition to Crobar Chicago and Crobar NYC.

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Excerpt The American Society of Interior Designers Magazine:

"To create a concept that's right for the target market and location, takes upfront research."

Tom Telesco AIA, President of Telesco Associates in Miami Beach, Florida, boasts an impressive nightclub resume, including such hot-spots as Crobar Miami and New York, Nocturnal in Miami and many others.

But despite his experience, he starts any project outside his home city by visiting the area's successful clubs - what works in Miami won't necessarily fly in the Midwest or even Los Angeles.
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"We've certainly evolved from the traditional hotel bar with it's slab of straight mahogany set flat up against a wall," says Tom Telesco AIA owner of Telesco Assciates of Miami Beach,Fl., an architectural firm specializing in restaurant and nightclub design.

"We're seeing more upscale hotel lounges that often are a destination in and of themselves. We're also seeing a higher level of fit and finish," Telesco says. "The hotel clientele is more sophisticated and demands great interior design"

Enjoy the following video of our most recently completed project, E11EVEN Miami

When considering the nature of the stereotypical architect, one is too often confronted with the likes of a rigid and uncompromising visionary, firmly rooted within the purity of his/her design. A designer's potential favoritism to form over function can sometimes result in projects marred by fragile levels of sustainability.

To label Telesco Associates as simply another architectural and interior design firm among the ultra-competitive South Florida hospitality landscape would be to sell them far short.

Headquartered in Miami Beach, Florida, Tom Telesco and his team have garnered critical praise for their nightclub and restaurant design projects from the heart of South Beach throughout the domestic United States and into the Caribbean. Unfettered by a hierarchy of titles or even a formal dress code, the firm has earned it's reputation by joining the creative inspiration of their artists and architects with experienced hospitality designers, creating a business with the flexibility to adapt in response to the habitually changing needs of their clients.

Working closely in conjunction with their clients, Telesco Associates and their patrons pursue a shared objective: the realization of an owner's unique vision under the constraints of financial viability and future success.

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